We had to face a lot of questions. Does DU provide B.Sc (Eng.) certificate?

WE replied thousands time  No… from 2011-12 it is B.Sc in EEE/CSE/ACCE and now also for NE, RME …

Then comes the question Can anyone write “ENGR”  Title before his name ? We said NO.

Now you judge DU or a university with a membership. Not with its qualification/reputation or it’s International accreditation.

Now If We ask about SUST CSE? Can anyone say wrong about it? It’s impossible. Because it’s a BRAND.. such there are other departments which are brands in SUST..


Same for IUT ..  It’s OIC accredited .. And you never think about Title ENGR….

The fact is you still has wrong facts and ideas about DU. THE UNIVERSITY doesn’t have a ENGINEERING/TECH name after its name. How it can teach Engineering!!!!!!!

Get yourself out of the Grip … Search and find yourself too .. and get the reality. SUST/IUT/DU all are greater than IEB membership and they have proved a lot till now. …

You want to establish as an Engineer? yes you can do it.

Because in BD syllabus are international standards. You can go a far way from any place from dedication. You can work in Engineering sector, write Engineer after your name [as Modern style]

SUST’s 3 departments and some departments  of others universities is IEB accredited. This is a small portion.

But You’ll get the reality. So never think, those which are not enlist  are not away in the road of progress and contribution.

BEST of Luck everyone. Don’t think in Bangladesh level being a Engineering student. Think International level of yours and your capability of WORKS. It is only important to establish as AN ENGINEER.

Finally being a fresher it’s obvious such questions might come in your mind. Just pass 2/3 years, I assure you will never have time to think on it. Cause you know THE REALITY after 4 Years. It’s a HUGE different situation, you are thinking now…

We had also. now We have no time to think of such minor things. 🙂