“Since my childhood, I never saw my family to give Qurbani on Eid-ul-Adha.

We never had the economic conditions to perform this ritual. As the eldest among my siblings, I understood the situation and taught myself to be okay with it.

But to my younger four siblings, particularly the youngest one, it was baffling.

On Eid days, they used to move from house-to-house and asked themselves why every house had an animal tied somewhere in it but in our house there were none.

Eids were boring for me. All I did was sitting around doing nothing while looking at my siblings’ disappointed faces.

So I started to save up some money after I got into BUET and that year we gave Qurbani for the first time.

It might’ve been the best money I ever spent, until this year.

This year I bought a goat along with a cow, because my mother can’t eat beef.

I bought this separate goat only for my mother so that I can share the joy of my siblings with her fully while we eat beef and she eats mutton.

Man, this Eid’s gonna be a blast. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”



August 11,2019

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