RUET was founded in 1964 as Rajshahi Engineering College with a limited number of students. It was then changed to Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT) in 1986 and was finally renamed Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) in 2002 when it gained a university status.

I was the student of ME 94. As I was politically involved so I had access to info which many didn’t had.  When I was in 5th sem (99/00) heard something that a movement was going on in Ctg BIT for University.

Later on I came to know that 94 series of Ctg was the initiator of it. And the main reason behind it was back lock system incorporating and grading improving (As we all know Ctg grading was worst at that time).

Then chairman of BIT Council was Nojrul sir ( later VC BUET, Pres IEB). Sir came to Raj and informed us to do something regarding this. I must mention, there was some matter which I would like to avoid to say.

Accordingly some banner was made and procession started “এক দফা এক দাবি, বিআইটি হবে ভার্সিটি” something like this. But as usual everything turns political in BIT, and it also took the same face. That’s why some of 93-94 didn’t actually participated in the later part of the movement.

We ME94 had a night stay in Ctg BIT during 4th year Study tour (!) Apr 2001. There I sat in a meeting with boys of Ctg BIT and had talk about it, though I had different view regarding this. But they were very adamant about it.After coming from tour in May/June we heard that in the academic council a decision regarding this was taken in favour of University and the National University Granting Commission (UGC) agreed morally.

Only necessary paperwork will follow. So technically at that time no procession was needed. But as i said all r politics. Some used it which I personally hated.

Then came election of 1st October. All delayed to 1st Sep 2002. So the inside story of RUET/KUET/CUET was the desire of some people’s political agenda which was helped to fulfil by giving a color of the students agenda .

Just like, we never liberated this land from British, rather it was one of the terms imposed by USA before entering WW2 that after war England will left all help her colony.

Here I intentionally didn’t mention any name of 93-98 students, coz to me all played their part in it and some overplayed it.

Engr. Faisal Islam Mondol

Project Engr Fire Protection & Detection Sys at ABG Engineering services (pvt.) ltd.