Ihtiaz Ishmam Rahman, student of MIST CSE-15 and the former president (2018) of MIST Computer Club, has been recruited by Amazon UK as Software Development Engineer of Amazon UK. He announced the good news on 10 November 2020.

He has been an integral part of MIST competitive programmers community.

Alongside mentoring aspiring competitive programmers of MIST during his time, he also lead the way to arrange the very first Intra MIST Programming Competition in 2018, which paved the way to MIST IUPC 2019 and MIST NCPC 2020 later on.

Ishmam was an active participant in programming contests and his hard work and passion for problem solving made him an exemplary software engineer.

We hope his achievement will inspire our current students to participate more in competitive programming & achieve similar success in the coming future.

We wish Ihtiaz Ishmam Rahman all the best in his future endeavours. We believe he will be even more prolific during his time at Amazon.

Source: Shovon Niverd Pereira