MIST CSE to FACEBOOK as Software Engineer!!

Md. Mahmudur Rahman Mamun, a student of MIST CSE-13 and former vice president of MIST Computer Club, has just joined Facebook UK. He graduated from MIST and it was only a matter of time to reach the dream job of any CSE graduate over the globe!

He is one of the magnificent coders of the MIST competitive programmers community. The purple Candidate Master header proudly represents one of the best-rated (1921) competitive programmers of MIST.

His hard work and determination have assisted him in grabbing the dream job of any software engineer.

Mamun has once again shown us that problem-solving has its long-term results. Dedication, perseverance, and getting out of the comfort zone can guide us toward the pavement of success.

He is the source of inspiration for many aspiring programmers, both in and out of our institution. We hope he keeps ascending the ladder of success and keeps on inspiring us.

Source: MIST Computer Club