Safayet Hossain Masum and Rizvi Hasan (both from CSE’17) will be joining the Madrid office from September 2022 as Software Development Engineer- SDE I. They are yet to graduate from IUT. What a wonderful moment!

The assessments before joining Amazon have two different stages. They had to go through an online assessment stage and the final interviews. During the coding assessment of the first stage, two problems were to be solved, and then there was a ‘Work Simulation and Work Style Assessment’ where real-life problems and scenarios were given to solve.

Masum applied in January 2022 while Rizvi applied in March 2022. Being active problem-solvers and competitive programmers throughout their undergraduate life the coding assessment was easy to make through for them.

Before the interview, Masum practiced in CodeForces and LeetCode and Rizvi practiced on HackerRank (interview preparation kit) and HackerEarth Codemonk.

They expressed their sincere gratitude to the Alumni who helped them to prepare in the behavioral and leadership parts. Also, Amazon provided some preparation resources with the interview invitation which also helped them.

Mr. Rizvi also recommends the book “Elements of Programming Interviews in Python The Insiders’ Guide by Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee, and Amit Prakash” for the interested fellow IUTians.

Being the first two of the IUTians to get an offer from the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) before completing graduation, IUTCS would like to congratulate Safayet and Rizvi for their achievements and also hope that many more IUTians will be joining the top companies like FAANG and make us proud.

(Writeup by Mohtasim Hadi Rafi, batch’18)