We would like to congrats IUT alumnus Mr. M Saiful Bari (IUT CSE ’12) for joining Amazon Web Services (AWS), California, USA as Applied Scientist Intern.

He will conduct research on Cross-lingual Lex Bot there.

Mr. Bari, who is currently pursuing PhD at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore under the supervision of Prof.

Shafiq Joty has already published research papers in various highly esteemed conferences in computer science, such as AAAI, ACL and etc.

His research interest includes the application of deep learning in various natural language processing tasks.

To be noted that, Mr. Bari is also one of the pioneers of IUT Programming Community and IUT Machine Learning Community.

He participated in competitive programming contests regularly during his undergraduate education and achieved prestigious rankings for IUT in numerous contests.

We hope that his recent success will inspire many more IUTians to join companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and etc. to conduct cutting-edge research work and bring more glory for IUT.

For more details, visit:
1. https://sbmaruf.github.io/
2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbmaruf/


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